The principal services Eric Damen Pensioen Consulting offers are consultancy, training and part-time secondment. This page describes exactly what these activities are about.

1. Consultancy

These include activities such as:

Guidance during the procedure to change a pension scheme or harmonize different pension schemes. Mostly this concerns providing pension comparisons for both the employer and the employee and providing proposals to work towards a new or adjusted pension scheme (possibly with transition regulations).

Setting up and sometimes jointly carry out a communication plan in the field of pensions. To determine the goal of the communication together with the customer, to decide who will be the target groups and what means of communication will be used. All of this is detailed in a plan showing timing and responsibilities.

Providing a second opinion (both in terms of quantity and quality) especially in the field of pension proposals concerning changes or harmonisation.

No financial products are being advised nor are they provided in any way.

2. Training

Developing and providing pension trainings. This can be a regular pension training or just a one time event (often in the shape of a presentation or workshop), for example to management, a project group or HR department.

3. Part-time secondment

As far as secondment is concerned, it can be either about carrying out operational activities or projects. Operational activities can be carried out at staff level (account management, management support, etc.), but also at departments like actuarial services and communication. Secondment for projects can involve a wide range of issues, such as implementing a new or changed pension scheme, handling and finalizing special (often poorly automated) schemes, match pension schemes with new laws, etc.

Does your company need advice on collective pensions?
Eric Damen offers consultancy, training and part-time secondment.